Brand Identity

Farnam Hill Lofts

In early 2018, IBG was contacted by GreenSlate Development, a large scale real estate developer located in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska. They were in the process of renovating a building in the Farnam Hill District that would serve different purposes, but would be home to an upscale apartment complex. While the initial scope of the first call revolved around creating a logo for the new property development, it quickly became apparent they had vision for creating a brand.

GreenSlate's latest property, 2570 Farnam Street

Traveling Back In Time

In the early stages of unpacking this project, we got to learn a lot about the history of the 100+ year old building that would be the future home of Farnam Hill Lofts. Among other things, many years ago, the building housed a well known car dealership in the area. It was that little bit of history that would help shape the direction of the branding.

Test Driving Concepts

After some discussion, it was determined that Farnam Hill Lofts would be using naming conventions for their different styles of rooms based off of different auto makers. To mirror that concept, we looked for consistent design patterns that would help mesh with that theme. We quickly began structuring a mood board to start getting a picture in place.

By using a mood board, we were able to visually identify that each of the major auto manufacturers we gravitated towards were using basic shapes in their logo designs. We started coming up with our own series of distinct shapes that we could use as branding elements. Each shape is a callback to some of the auto industry's finest brands.

Shapes representing some of the auto manufacturing heavy hitters.

The Deluxe Package

Now that the building blocks of the brand were created, we were able to start bringing those elements into place for the social media and print collateral for our marketing push. We also ran through some variations in tones for the shape and ideas to build it into the interior design.

Arriving To The Point

After a digital handoff, we were able to work with graphic shops local to the building to seamlessly showcase the brand in the newly updated building. The final touches put on by GreenSlate and the building architects were incredible, as shown below. It's a true testament that building a brand is an all out team effort.

Farnam Hill Lofts' final touches.
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